Thank you every nice and should be beautiful Peoples:
I had a great time at camp!

My favorite activity had to be the flying fox!
It is not a normal flying fox. You don’t have anything on your waist. You only hold on and if you let go, you go tumbling into the murky water.
It also goes down very steep not just any boring one when you just go across.
At first, I made a deal with myself that I will never go on it.
But I heard lots and lots of people saying it was fun and cheering me on to go on the flying fox.
I hesitated and then nervously got up the ladder and …….
Whoosh~~~~ I was off flying in the air ready to crash into the water! Ha Ha Ha It was sooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn’t really like the mud slide because it was super steep and when I went down it, I was screaming like crazy.
It was so embarrassing because no one else except for me screamed.
When you go down it, it was like you going down the steepest roller coaster in the world!

I also didn’t really mind the cold pool.
When I jumped into the pool, I was screaming so loud I bet everyone in camp could hear me. It was an icey, icey pool. I hated it when I got so used to the water that I thought it was warm and then I wanted to go into the spa. So I did. When I got out of the spa, I jumped into the cold pool and boy, was it cold!

Food was great! The dinner was so yum! Once it was mashed potatoes, sausages and corn and peas. You never get hungry at camp because you can eat as much as I want. After dinner, we always have ice-cream and jelly! It was so yummy I want to eat it now…

I didn’t like the Boomer Trail one little bit. You go out at night, go inside a forest, black black forest, hold on to a rope and follow it. It was slippery and steep and I often end up screaming. All the adults jump out and scare you…

Making piklets (Mini Pancakes) was really enjoyable because you first make the ingredients, stir the mixture and put it all on the frying pan and can eat it afterwards!

The Raft making was the most challenging one of all. You have to make a raft with only five tyres, a bit of rope and 6 planks of wood. You have to cross a river to the other side and come back. Our groups raft collapsed in the middle of coming back because one tyre was flat and then there was a yellow eel coming up my shirt!

I also liked the painting bit. You get to have lots of colours: Red, Blue, Green, and yellow! We decided to make a mixture of autumn or fire colour by mixing the red and yellow together but only using our hands. It turned out to be the best painting the teacher liked.

We did Drama too. Every one of us had to do a surprising thing of our name and then do freeze frames then creep backwards. When it was my turn, I put my hands on my head, turned to a bunny and said Elim! I crept back and then everyone else had to copy what I did. It was so embarrassing!

The hobbition hop was quite challenging too. Because you have to cross a muddy river. You have 2 giant planks and 2 barrels. If one of your team members fall off, you have to start everything all over again!

There are still lots to be said but now my hands are getting tired….  

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